Regulatory Law

Privatization in Tanzania has led to the enactment of regulatory laws and creation of regulatory bodies in areas such as telecommunications, broadcasting, water and energy, transportation, banking and many other areas. Compliance with the regulatory requirements is becoming more complex and costly. Investigations by various authorities and enforcement are increasingly frequent and more aggressive.

The Firm has over the years exhibited competency on knowledge of procedural rules in dealing and achieving results in Competition investigations and inquiries; mergers and acquisitions; regulatory proceedings before the Fair Competition Commission, the Fair Competition Tribunal, EWURA, SUMATRA, TCRA; and high profile private antitrust lawsuits before the High Court (Commercial Division and the Main Division) and the Court of Appeal of Tanzania. This department also houses regulatory lawyers who have offered ser - vices to a wide range of local and international clients in the area of Tobacco (both downstream and upstream), Telecommunication, Energy, Water, Transport, and Maritime among others. We understand that compliance to the regulatory regime is important to the sustainability of a business. We usually work closely with the regulatory authorities in identifying the specific sector risks and advise our clients on how to manage such risks. In this regard, we boast a strong relationship with regulatory authorities in Tanzania.

The Firm has made several legal advisories to Regulators like, Tanzania Mining Commission, Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA), Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) etc.

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