Dr. Ringo Willy Tenga

LLM, JSJ Cornell University, New York

Has been  a legal advisor and consultant for  some leading businesses in Tanzania Telecommunications Company Ltd, Planetel (T) Ltd., Independent Power Tanzania Ltd. (IPTL), Dar es Salaam Water Authority (DAWASA), Tanzania Oxygen Ltd (TOL), the listing of Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) in the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange Due Diligence., Twiga Cement, NMB Bank, CRDB Bank, ZIPA in Zanzibar, Bank of Tanzania, METL, Tanzania Green Company, TAZARA,  Quality Group Ltd, etc.  He has undertaken numerous legal commissions in advising, reviewing, carrying out due diligence, mergers, acquisitions and restructures for several companies.  He was consultant to the Zanzibar Government on trade liberalization and free port legislation.   Has been also the Legal Advisor to specialized NGOs on land tenure related matters (Pastoralists’ Land Tenure, Law of Succession, Common Property Regimes, Consumer Protection Laws, etc.).  Also has undertaken Consultancy Work with Government Ministries (esp. the Ministry of Lands – Unit Titles (Condominium) Registration which included the consideration of Mortgage Financing Law. Later in 2007 – 8 Member of Ministry of Land’s Unit Titles Regulations Drafting Task Force, Lead Consultant in Drafting of Conversion of Existing Properties to Unit Title Regulations; Advisor to the National Housing Corporation on Unit Title Properties; and other

government agencies. World Bank Co-Consultant in Review of Land Tenure System in the SAGCOT Corridor of Tanzania (also known as the Uhuru Railway Corridor- covering 7 Regions of Southern Tanzania – Pwani to Rukwa/Katavi) , 2012; Team Leader of World Bank Tanzania LGAF Report  for 2015 (With Dr. Sist Joseph Mramba)